Squeegee, Steel Mill, & Heavy Process Rubber Roller Applications

Harwood Rubber Products has serviced the steel industry for almost 50 years, getting involved in a wide variety of applications and service conditions. We have provided pickling, squeegee, damming, wringer, sink, acid wash and rinse rubber rollers for many solutions, including acidic and caustic environments, as well as DI water and aggressive environmental applications. Included in these production lines are pinch and deflector rubber rollers, dunk rolls, table rollers and carryover rollers, along with various guide and metering wheels.

Extensive experience

Our rubber roller experience in converting processes includes slitting, steering, coiling/uncoiling, straightening, oiling and coating. Our knowledge in relation to slitting and our specific materials have proven to help some customers in achieving faster, smoother slitting with minimal wear on the nip rollers, pinch rollers, slitter spacers we provide. Proven materials and techniques are implemented in correcting walking and slipping in strip processing while the high quality of the covering materials withstand the burrs, splices, wear and edges.

Equally important is safely loading the coil, unwinding and re-winding after processing. From our banding and slotted rubber rollers to our pinch rolls to our expandable coil sleeves, coil pads and bumpers, our understanding of the process allows us to provide you the best possible material, know-how and workmanship to help you with operating at the maximum footage efficiency and the safest possible environment.

Huge rubber formulation inventory

Our extensive material inventory offers specific time-tested rubber coated roller coverings to hold up to your harsh environments. At no charge, we also do in house testing of your specific solutions to identify/develop and dial in with our custom rubber compounds to fit to your exact application.

Feel free to give us a call at 330-923-3256 or write us at info@harwoodrubber.com. We will offer a quick response to your inquiry.

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