Pelletizing, Sanding, Belting, & Groove Rubber Roller Applications

Harwood Rubber Products continues to service many different areas of the aggressive plastic processing industry. We offer a number of highly abrasion resistant rubber roller coverings required for this very demanding environment. Our customers use all the pelletizing machinery including Conair, Cumberland, etc. and can offer complete repair services for your pinch, pull, feed, chopper and drive rollers. Our precision machinery can hold and repeat any close outside diameter tolerance required for your process machinery.

Puller Belts

We also provide this covering on a wide variety of puller belts, and in many cases, extend the life of your existing belt applications while increasing their performance. We can replace the existing covering on your belts, supply replacements or simply regrind your used belt to clean up or true-up the operating surface and get you back into production as soon as possible.

Sanding and belt drive rubber roller applications

Harwood Rubber Products has provided coverings for a wide variety of sanding and belt drive roller applications, using a number of crowning and grooving profiles to fit to our customer’s specific requirements. Our CNC equipment and experienced personnel will manufacture a precision grooved rubber roller suitable for your demanding sanding application. Harwood Rubber can offer a complete “one-stop” core repair service for your worn or damaged rubber coated roller, as well as dynamic balancing for your high speed sanding application.

We have an extensive inventory of materials suitable for any sanding and belt drive application or we can customize a material to fit you exact specific requirements. We understand your dependence on your equipment to operate and will re-act accordingly to minimize your down time and loss of productivity. We can reverse engineer your existing rubber coated roller and offer a comparable spare to help with virtually eliminating your down time.

Regrinding and repairing rubber rollers

We also offer instant regrinds / resurfacing of your rubber rollers while you wait. At that time, we can measure your roller for a comparable “spare” replacement roller, and still allow you the ability to quickly get back up and running. We also offer rubber roller reconditioning and recovering services. Please feel free to give us a call at 330-923-3256 or e-mail us at