Sponge and Applicator Rubber Rollers

Harwood Rubber Products is involved in a wide variety of industries that require an extremely soft and forgiving rubber roller covering for processing delicate product(s) and dramatic contoured profiles. We have designed and created a number of very specific material coverings suitable for conveying, pressing and laminating materials without extensive wear or compression but providing a degree of firm support and pressure. We service the tire industry, the coating and painting industry, as well as a large number of laminating, conveying and converting machine rollers.

Proprietary rubber roller coverings

Our proprietary dual construction rubber roller coverings allow for use in multiple applications including minimum contact, non-crush and high speed feeding. Our anti-stick coverings have been implemented into many process lines, with great success. We have also found these designs aid in a number of processing applications where the customer is in need of softness, yet durability. We can use our extensive inventory of existing formulations or design a dual covering to improve your particular production process.

We also offer a number of seamless foam formulations used in laminating and coating applications. Our chemists have developed a proprietary formulation and production process to create a rubber coated roller covering that is both soft and durable, and can last where other sponge formulas have degraded.

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