Silicone, High Temperature Release & Tough or Extreme Rubber Roller Applications

Harwood Rubber Products has serviced a variety of industries using silicone rubber rollers, as well as fluoroelastomer and HNBR coverings. These coverings are used in rubber roller applications requiring high temperature performance and high release capabilities, specific chemical resistance areas, or high temperature abrasive applications.

Silicone materials

We offer a wide variety of silicone materials suitable for temperatures exceeding 400 degrees. We can provide soft or hard silicone replacement coverings on your existing roll cores, minimizing OEM replacement costs. Our extensive core preparation process insures a thermally well bonded silicone covering, even in an extremely demanding environment. We offer a variety of colors and durometers (hardness) and can formulate a polymer to your exact requirements.

Other high-quality materials

Harwood Rubber Products also offers a number of exotic high quality materials, such as HNBR and fluoroelastomeric formulations, designed to perform in many demanding manufacturing areas. Our rubber roller coverings have been put into service and survived where others have not. We have experience with bonding HNBR and fluoroelastomer formulations to many kinds of sub-straights, with excellent long term results.

We provide materials and technical help to assist in your challenges relating to wrapping, jamb-ups, web alignment issues and can offer help in reducing cleanup. Give us a call about your demanding rubber roller application to see how we improve your process and reduce your down time. Please call our experienced staff at 330-923-3256 or e-mail us at We will gladly discuss your application.

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