Specialty Rubber Roller Finishes

Harwood Rubber Products has been involved in many rubber roller coating projects where the customer requires a very specific finish or groove pattern in order to apply their custom, and many times proprietary, coatings. Our experienced staff has worked with a number of customers to find an exact groove pattern to optimize their coating applications. With our CNC equipment, once we have honed in on a precise groove, be assured that we can repeat that design pattern on future coverings.

Quality rubber roller coating

Our machinists and chemists work collectively to provide you with a material and finish that will achieve the quality coating results you demand. We understand the need for critical depth of groove, and coarseness or smoothness of the rubber roller covering to offer maximum results for your coating application. We also offer RA finishes to your exact specifications.

Water-based and solvent-based solutions

We have many years of experience in water-based and solvent-based solutions. Our extensive inventory means we should have a formulation immediately available for use in your rubber coated roller application, but can formulate a polymer to handle your specific solution. Harwood Rubber Products has a vast amount of experience working with unique machinery quirks, varying viscosities and temperatures, operator preferences, maintenance, and set-up and cleanup/breakdown scheduling, environmental and EPA changes and requirements, and most importantly; safety.

Please feel free to give us call at 330-923-3256 or write us at info@harwoodrubber.com. We will be quick to respond to your inquiry.

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