Rings, Belts, & Rubber Wheel Applications

Harwood Rubber Products has provided customized rubber rings, rubber covered rings, rubber covered wheels and rubber covered belts for many applications. No order is too small. Our precision equipment and experienced personnel can provide a quality part for even the smallest rubber roller or ring order. We can hold very tight tolerances of down to .002” on your specification diameters and widths, yet Harwood Rubber Products has the equipment to efficiently achieve exact repeatability on a large quantity of parts.

Extensive in-house tooling

With our extensive in-house tooling, we can provide small volume ring sizes, usually with no upfront costs. Though Harwood Rubber Products is not a production molding shop, we have a large bank of presses to service a variety of our customer’s needs. There is always a spot to slip in an emergency job, which can also reduce your down time.

Molded roller rings and wheels

We have produced both large and small numbers and varieties of molded rings and wheels, both bonded to metal and rubber only parts. If a mold is needed, we can produce a quality mold for your specific part, and then inventory that mold for future orders. We also have a lot of experience in mold design, keeping any customer designed tooling costs to a minimum. Then, without extra setup charges, Harwood Rubber Products can get your mold back into our production schedule on future orders and more molded parts into your hands in a short amount of time.

Vast inventory

In many cases, though, we can use our existing tooling inventory to cover or recover your wheel(s) with minimal down time, and no tooling costs. We can analyze your existing covering or application and offer a suitable similar replacement, which would most likely be in our current inventory. Using our vast inventory of in-house materials, we can offer you one of our standard formulations optimized for performance or a more exotic polymer for your more demanding applications, without expensive minimums. This inventory assures you that the best possible covering is available relative to your specific service requirement which also reduces the lead time of your custom part(s).

Coverings for puller belts

We also provide a number of rubber coverings on a wide variety of puller belts, and in many cases, extend the life of your existing belt applications while increasing the performance. We can replace the existing covering on your belts, supply replacements or simply regrind your used belt to clean up or true-up the operating surface and get you back into production as soon as possible.

Please feel free to give us a call at 330-923-3256 or write us at info@harwoodrubber.com. We will quickly respond to your inquiry.

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