Pelletizing rollers that last longer, perform better

Worn or damaged pelletizing rollers diminish operational efficiency while increasing downtime, lowering product consistency, elevating the risk of contamination, and contributing to an inferior product. All of this can damage both your profitability and reputation.

At Harwood, we use time-tested, proprietary materials specifically designed to combat the abrasive pelletizing process.  As a result, your resurfaced rollers will perform better and last longer—and enhance your product quality and ROI.



Why Resurfacing is a Good Option

Are you throwing away your worn pelletizing rollers? While we can create new pelletizing rollers customized to your specifications, your best option may be to resurface them instead. As steel prices continue to rise, the cost for new rollers increases, too.

When thinking of your bottom line, it’s important to consider the annual cost per roll, as well as the benefits derived from it—instead of just the cost of a single roll.

We’re a Manufacturer

We’re not a clearinghouse that simply processes orders. We’re a manufacturer. All sizes of orders are welcome—from a single roll to hundreds of rolls. Our large capacity, well-stocked inventory of quality materials and experienced staff enables us to turn around your order quickly to reduce costly downtime. Every part is 100% inspected for quality assurance before it leaves our 30,000 square-foot facility. All orders are kept strictly confidential to protect any propriety information.

Convenient Shipping and Delivery Options

We can ship your rollers anywhere in the country. If your company is nearby, you can drop off your old rollers and pick them up when they’re ready. Or we can come to your location instead for pick up and drop off.
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